Salad Basics

The secret to a great salad is the dressing that you use and the lettuce. Iceberg lettuce will make for a dull salad no matter what you put on it. Romaine is ok, but I think we can do better. In the summer farmers markets are a great place to find quality and interesting lettuce. In the winter we buy containers of mixed greens at the grocery store. Spinach is also a great choice as is a source of iron. The vitamin C from the lemon juice in salad dressing helps you digest the iron making them a perfect match.

The classic salad of cucumbers and tomatoes is also a bit boring, not that these aren’t welcome in our salads. Nuts and seeds work great and help liven up any salad while providing great nutritional value. Almonds and pumpkin seeds are often found in our salads.

We have also had a lot of fun with what we call ‘hot salads.’ These are what they sound like. We will heat up some veg, roasted of fried, left over rice and beans, or anything yummy in your fridge, and will put it over the salad with the dressing. This transforms a boring side salad into something that can be eaten as a main and leaves us feeling satisfied.


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