I think that mustard is one of the most underrated condiments in the fridge. I grew up on Dutch mustard; seedy, rich and delicious. Of course, I also grew up on French’s a-little-too-yellow mustard. I think this is the staple mustard in most homes. That squirt lid that always forms that little hard piece. I am here to tell you that this is not actually mustard.

Mustard comes in a wide array of shapes, sizes and flavours. In my fridge there are frequently at least 3 different mustards open, from the basic mustard to red pepper and curry to amazing beer mustard or even horseradish mustard when you want a bit of kick.

Most grocery stores now have a wide array of available mustards. I have found that farmers markets are a great place to find locally produced, unique, and delicious mustards. The last batch of mustard that I received came in mason jars from the Calgary Farmers Market and I haven’t found much that can beat them in terms of flavour.

Next time you’re out grab and new mustard and enjoy!


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  1. I absolutely agree! The variety of mustards out there is wonderful and can add an amazing bit of kick when you want it. I’m glad to read about a fellow mustard lover.


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