Creamy Potato Soup with Salad

~ Tonight’s secret spice is Nutmeg! ~

This dish is so easy and has great simple flavour! Definitely comfort food šŸ™‚


  • 2-3 yellow potatoes, skin on and diced into small cubes
  • 2 leeks, cut lengthwise (be sure to rinse out any sand) and thinly chopped
  • 1 onion, long thin slices
  • vegetable broth, about 2 cups (I had some homemade left over from Moroccan the night before)
  • almond milk (make sure it’s completely unsweetened! I used almond breeze)
  • about 4 tbsp butter (or we use olive oil margarine)
  • about 1-1.5 tbsp nutmeg

I like to use a deep frying pan with a lid for dishes like this so I can saute the vegetables first.

  1. Melt about 1 tbsp butter in the pan and add the onion on mid-high temp with the lid and let it sit until it starts to brown.
  2. Add the nutmeg and stir let it warm on the heat for 1-2 min.
  3. Stir and add the rest of the butter and the leak.
  4. Put the lid back on and cook until the leek starts to soften, stir occasionally.
  5. Add the potato and the veg broth with a pinch of salt and fresh ground pepper.
  6. Let cook with the lid on until the potatoes start to soften (about 15 min).
  7. Stir in almond milk, add more nutmeg, salt or pepper to taste if needed.
  8. Heat through about 5 more min.

I mashed the potatoes a little at the end for thicker consistency, like a more rustic version of a blended soup. You could also blend this soup if you’d like


I wanted to make a salad that also had a bit of the nutmeg flavour. It tasted a little like carrot cake! Yum!!

  • red leaf lettuce
  • 1 carrot, grated
  • handful of pecans


  • olive oil
  • apple cider vinegar
  • about 1 tbsp tahini
  • about 2 tsp honey (or agave syrup)
  • nutmeg to taste
  • salt to taste – and I threw in a pinch of some leftover blended spices from the Moroccan food (cinnamon, cardamom, coriander & anise)

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