Hey all,

Thought I would do a bit of a different entry for the blog. There has been a bit of a lull lately in our entries. Lavish Legumes and I recently setup a blog for her personal business, check it out at

That got me thinking about the blogs and other resources that I use to find recipes and inspiration around the web.

  1. My Cooking Diary – This is a really cool site. It isn’t strictly vegetarian but a lot of the stuff on there is. Great pictures and I love the directions. It seems they are taking a similar approach that we are and showing the meals that they have as opposed to just recipes. I have made Enchiladas using there sauce recipe, followed their link to make pitas (my first time making bread), and am going to make their granola bars.
  2. Fat Free Vegan – This is an excellent resource with lots of recipes. Just reading through her recipes I got lots of ideas on how to cook things using less fat. I recently made a roasted eggplant pesto which was a hit, even for some non-vegetarians. In this recipe she basically substitutes olive oil with the eggplant making it far less fatty, but still very tasty. I also made blueberry peach salsa, which is suprisingly good. She has a pretty huge recipe index so go check her out!
  3. Epicurious – This has quickly become one of my favorite sites. They have an exellent iPhone app and huge Vegetarian (over 4500), Vegan (over 1300) sections with a great search engine that allows you to narrow down choices by ingredient so you can use up what is in you fridge! They also have a rating a comment system that is fairly well used so you can see if what you are about to cook is any good before you make the leap.

You can also check out the side bar for some old favorites.

Let us know about any places that you like to go to in the comments below!


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