Eating seems to have become a hot topic lately; eat local, eat organic, eat more veg. But in changing the way that we eat, we need to change the way that we cook. Creating a full and satisfying meal can become a hurdle that prevents us from eating the way that we hope to.

We are newly vegetarian and thought it would be a great idea to share our innovative meal ideas with others. We create Post Omnivore Creations  in our kitchen as we re-learn how to eat, cook and enjoy food. So, welcome to our crazy kitchen, the place where we love to make delicious food with heart and havoc! 🙂

Having always loved food and creating delectable dishes (and sometimes not-so-edible experiments), we found ourselves at a bit of a loss for ideas when we first attempted meatless meals. It started out as an endeavor to be healthier by adding more vegetables to our daily diets and quickly grew from there. At first we could only think to remove the meat from the usual picture: side veg, potatoes or rice and meat thing …(boring!). We slowly developed to a couple reliable, repeatable things like salads & stirfrys. And finally after removing ourselves from the mindset that vegetarian cooking is “normal cooking” minus the meat thing, our creative taste buds exploded again, and meat became the thing to which we’d ask “why would you ruin it with that?”.

Of course we always welcome veggies, vegans and meat-eaters alike to try our ideas, change them or just be inspired by them!

~ Gregarious Greens & Lavish Legumes

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